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Learning Martial Arts can help your child to conquer ADD/ADHD

Skills that go from the Dojang to the classroom

As a parent of a child with ADHD, you know all too well the challenges. Paying attention and staying organized are among the biggest. ADHD seems to impact everything––home, school, friendships. Then you wonder––what about the future? You’re not alone in your worries. ADHD affects 11% of children ages 4-17.

More and more, parents are finding that Taekwondo is a fun and effective way to help manage ADHD. Taekwondo helps students improve focus, build confidence, and gives them goals to work toward

How Taekwondo helps children with ADHD

Structured classes help establish routines. As your child learns proper Taekwondo techniques through structured classes and repetitive movements, he/she will also learn to establish routines. Our techniques are learned at a gradual pace and instructions are repeated often, so your child will have confidence in what he/she has learned before moving on. Remembering to bow to open and close class, making eye contact, or raising a hand to ask a question become routine at Master Chong’s. At home, brushing teeth and remembering to put schoolwork into the backpack can, too!

Learning how to set and achieve goals. Taekwondo helps your child develop self-control, confidence and perseverance. At Master Chong’s, your child will learn how good it feels to set and achieve goals. By mastering each new Taekwondo skill at his or her own pace, your child will learn to overcome frustration and gain the patience to stick with each task until it’s completed.

Kids studying focus

Following rules and gaining self-control.

Students receive positive reinforcement for following instructions and maintaining good behavior. When a student does get distracted, the instructor gently reminds him/her to refocus.

Working well with others.

Taekwondo classes teach your child social skills that help him/her work well with others. Your child will learn to support his/her fellow students’ progress and cheer their successes. The atmosphere of encouragement and camaraderie at Master Chong’s can help your child make friends more easily and be a team player—invaluable skills that last a lifetime.

Resolving conflicts.

Contrary to what many think, practicing martial arts helps children learn how to resolve conflicts without resorting to violence. Bullying is a major issue that can cause many negative consequences. At Master Chong’s, we teach three specific habits that are valuable in a bullying situation: maintaining a confident posture, using your voice as the first line of self defense, and having the confidence to walk away. Read more on how martial arts training prepares children to respond to bullying

See the difference Taekwondo can make

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