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Case Study 1: Accidentally on Purpose

1. June’s manager asked her a personal question that made her uncomfortable. Was this sexual harassment?(Required)
2. True or False: John’s behavior has escalated above a trivial inconvenience to sexual harassment.(Required)

Case Study 2: One Moment in Time

1. True or False: Xander sent the image from his personal phone to Whitney’s personal phone, so this is not a workplace issue.(Required)
2. True or False: A hostile work environment cannot exist while working from home.(Required)

Case Study 3: Working Twice as Hard

1. True or False: Dr. Grey’s conduct is likely racial discrimination.(Required)
2. True or False: Dr. Grey’s conduct is likely sexual harassment.(Required)

Case Study 4: Shaken, Not Stirred

1. True or False: Jason’s behavior could be harassment of Jamila.(Required)
2. True or False: Jamila cannot complain of harassment because she voluntarily engaged in sexual activity with Jason.(Required)
3. Can Jamila complain of harassment if she got the shifts she wanted?(Required)
4. True or False: It is now “too late” for Jamila to complain. Her relationship with Jason was consensual so there is no proof she is receiving less favorable shifts due to the breakup.(Required)

Sex Stereotyping Exercise

Which of the scenarios described are examples of sex stereotyping and therefore potential grounds for a gender discrimination claim? (Select all that apply.)(Required)

Harassment Scenario Exercise

Which of the scenarios described are a reason an employee might file a harassment or discrimination claim? (Select all that apply.)(Required)

Bystander Intervention Exercise

What method of bystander intervention is being used in the scenarios described?

Case Study 5: Domestic Disturbance

1. True or False: Dan appearing in only a towel is harassment.(Required)
2. As a domestic worker, is Maria protected against sexual harassment?(Required)
3. True or False: Lisa did not fire Maria, so her online post is not retaliation.(Required)

Case Study 6: Call Me By My Name

1. True or False: Erin can file a complaint against Vanessa and Jessica for gender discrimination.(Required)

Case Study 7: Banking On You

1. True or False: This is not sexual harassment because Sawyer and Hayden were in a consensual relationship, and Sawyer’s behavior is typical of anyone dealing with a hard breakup.(Required)
2. True or False: This is a personal issue between Sawyer and Hayden and co-workers should not get involved.(Required)

Case Study 8: No Go Joe

1. True or False: Mallory’s only option is to confront Joe directly about his behavior by writing a report and submitting it to Joe.(Required)