Kids Temper Tantrums

Temper problems? Taekwondo is a great solution!

A Parent’s Challenge 

Almost every parent has had to deal with the terrible twos (or, even more commonly, the terrible threes), but what happens when those tantrums carry forward through their 4th birthday or even as they begin kindergarten? What happens when intermittent tantrums don’t go away or become more frequent? No parent wants to watch tantrums become personality traits.

Patterns become habits – Habits become personality 

As incredibly difficult and demotivating as these behavior patterns are in preschool years, it’s when your child enters school that these tantrums become even bigger issues. And these problems very often lead to your child being treated differently, which instigates and reinforces these same behaviors. 

So you need a solution.

Something you haven’t tried before.

And you’re wondering if Martial Arts can help… 

The answer is yes.

Kids smiling - good behavior

Expert, caring help is available 

But the martial art itself is only half of the solution. The part that makes the big difference (as is true for any kids activity) is the staff. And this is where Master Chong’s excels.

Our instructors are specifically trained to deal with behavioral issues such as ADHD, ADD, lack of respect, lack of self-control, and anger. They know how to channel detrimental responses into positive ones, through patience, encouragement, and clear expectations of proper behavior. You will soon find your child channeling their energy into our martial arts drills instead of letting that energy turn negative and manifesting as yet another tantrum.

Age appropriate classes 

We’ve had a lot of experience (over 25 years), teaching thousands of kids of all ages and all behaviors. Our Little Tigers program is perfect for four and five year olds, while our Children’s Classes are geared for kids ages 6 to 12 years old. In either case we teach your child to focus their energy in all the right places. 

Personalized attention 

Multiple instructors are on the floor for every class so that your child receives the proper amount of attention – ensuring they have fun, while learning the behavioral skills you are looking for.

It’s easy to get started

All we’re suggesting is that you give it a try with us. Our trial program is ideal for testing the waters, at seeing if this is a good fit and if we deliver on our promises.

Simply fill out the form below and let’s schedule your child’s first lesson.

Together we can determine how much of a difference martial arts can make.

New Member Special- First Class Free

All new students start with our new member special. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to see for yourself all of the great benefits awaiting you at our school.

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