Better shape martial arts

Taekwondo is a great way too regain your fitness and flexibility

If you are having trouble getting and staying in shape you’re not alone. As we age, our metabolism slows down and our flexibility diminishes. In addition, daily adult life tends to get filled with work and family commitments at the expense of personal time. As result, its not uncommon to be eating meals on the run, spending long periods of time inactive, and feeling frustrated over weight gain, changes in appearance, and loss of energy.

However, even though aging is natural, it doesn’t mean the decline in your fitness and physique need to continue. At Master Chong’s World Class Taekwondo men in their 40’s, 50’s 60’s and even beyond, are regaining their range of motion, watching their energy levels skyrocket, and enjoying an all new level of self confidence and motivation from training in the martial arts. Taekwondo can be the perfect solution for men looking to ensure a more vibrant and active future.

Fitness with a purpose that’s safe, effective, and fun

Most exercise programs are repetitive and exercise machines limit your range of motion while only working one muscle group. In Taekwondo you will train your whole body while mastering dozens of kicks, blocks, and strikes. You will strengthen your arms, legs, back, and chest. Taekwondo is also ideal for improving your flexibility, balance, and reflexes. You’ll be feeling and looking better within your first few months of classes and enjoy greater energy on a daily basis.

Tap into your warrior spirit

There’s something that makes training in the martial arts different from all other forms of exercise. It’s the built in mindset that comes with honing your body to be ready to respond in time of need. We call this the “warrior spirit” and it applies not just to self defense, but to facing any challenge with an attitude of determination and perseverance. Though your training we will cultivate your mental toughness and ability to maintain focus and intensity. This is just as valuable in the workplace as it is on the training floor.

Better shape

Train with a great group of students and instructors who will bring out your best effort

Never done any martial arts before? No worries! Our expert staff are excited to work with beginners of any age. You will start with a one on one session where you will begin learning basic Taekwondo techniques, and your instructor will assess your current fitness level. Together, you will establish realistic goals for your progress. And once you start with our group classes, you will quickly see that your classmates are ready to give you encouragement and support.

So what are you waiting for? Come see for yourself how Taekwondo will strengthen your body, sharpen your mind, and introduce you to a great group of people who will make woking out fun and rewarding.

Getting started is easy! 

As a new student you will start with a one on one session with a black belt instructor who will guide you through some basic Taekwondo techniques and assess your current fitness level. After a discussion of your goals and expectations, you will join in with our incredible adult class for two additional sessions. This process will allow you to become familiar and comfortable with our staff and your classmates.


New Member Special- First Class Free

All new students start with our new member special. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to see for yourself all of the great benefits awaiting you at our school.

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