Online Reviews

“My son started about a month ago. It has been an amazing experience and we are already seeing changes in his confidence and attitude and confidence. The staff are wonderful and master Chong is great with the kids.”

“We absolutely love it. We love that we can take as a family. The staff is great, very talented and skilled. They love what they do and it shows in every class. It’s been over a year now we are as exited to go to class now as we were as a white belt. Would highly recommend to everyone.”

“One of the best activities you can possibly get your kids into. The instructors here are unbelievable and they actually care about each and every student.”

“My son started here in Sept. 2013 and he absolutely LOVES it. We both love all of the instructors and all the personalized attention that he gets. They are all so caring and knowledgeable. Plus, not only is he learning Tae Kwon Do, but they are also working to instill good behavior, respect for one another, and have helped him to learn to focus and listen better, both here, at home, and at school. I recommend this place to everyone I can and will continue to do so!”

“Master Chong’s TKD is a great place to take your children to get exercise and learn both respect and self-discipline! Our kids love going to class and have a lot of fun. The staff at Master Chong’s is very patient with all students, young and old! My wife and I have quickly noticed the changes our kids have made in school and they get a great workout on top of it. I would definitely recommend Master Chong’s Tae Kwon Do to anyone considering.”

“My wife and I love watching our little girl taking class. Getting stronger, building her self confidence, and learning valuable self defense techniques that she will keep with her for the rest of her life. Great family atmosphere!!!!!”

“Highly recommended for anyone who is looking for something for the kids to do to help grow confidence, discipline, physical activity or even just a fun activity.”

“The instructors are very enthusiastic and knowledgable. They have fun with the kids while still making sure that they learn their Tae Kwon Do techniques thoroughly.”